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           OUR MISSION

-  The main task of the Organization  is building a culture of behavior among the Victims,
as a result of an accident, namely awareness of the implementation of the necessary initial and subsequent actions, options and options for treatment and faster recovery from
the traumas suffered, the protection of the rights and interests in the pre-trial and court phase, and compensation for the suffered property and non-property damages, as a result of traumas or loss of a relative after an accident.
  Facilitating the activities of the hospital  establishments, providing opportunities and options for
patients to raise funds for treatment, and reimburse costs not covered by
Health Insurance Fund, compensating the Insurance Company of the guilty driver for the accident in question, or in case  of invalid "Civil Liability" indemnified by the "Guarantee Fund", as well as in case of culprit for the accident, a driver with foreign insurance  "Civil Liability", indemnified by the National Bureau of Bulgarian Automobile Insurers.
  Improving the quality and reducing the duration of treatment and rehabilitation of financially disadvantaged patients, 
  Each participant - a person injured in an accident, wishing to take part will be acquainted with the information program of "OOPL", and will receive a free consultation.
only after a will and confirmation of one's own free will.
  In view of the specifics of each case, the campaign will be conducted individually with each accident victim and / or his relatives.
 We believe that the activities set out in the Campaign Program will educate our fellow citizens and help create a preventive culture of road behavior.
  This is a necessary prerequisite for improving the quality of life of Bulgarians. On dos-
dumb language, we will provide easily digestible information to each of our fellow citizens and more
a detailed look at the rights and possibilities for compensation of the damages suffered by him,
the right actions at the earliest stage, in order to achieve better results, less headaches and loss of time and money later.

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